Silver Level

Silver Level
  • Approximately 12 hours of statistical practice evaluation. PPC will recommend changes in data organization so reporting and communications are more meaningful. Client will need to change data organization themselves or hire a local CPA or bookkeeper. Reports will follow. This evaluation will be done remotely.
  • Fee evaluation.
  • Website evaluation and recommendations.
  • Includes 4 days of in-office consultation- 2 days in client office (observation and workshop), 2 days in Dallas office (observation and workshop).
  • One-on-one role playing, coaching and recording.
  • Workshops will involve lecture time, marketing strategy, team building, role playing and discussion.
  • Doctor and office manager will be educated in reporting and numbers based management.
  • Client will have up to 12 hours per day for interaction.
  • Monthly report evaluation and phone call.
  • Client or PPC can opt out with 60 day notice at any time (no penalty).
  • Once client becomes self-sufficient a new monthly contract can be chosen or client can engage PPC on an “as needed” basis paying and hourly rate.
  • Client will pay all travel expenses for themselves, staff and PPC.
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