Private Practice Careers

Private Practice Careers

Purchasing an Existing Prosthodontic Practice

If your hope is to practice as a true specialist where you are doing mostly Prosthodontic procedures and little or no general dentistry, purchasing an existing practice is your best path. Like with any decision there are pros and cons.

Starting Your Own Prosthodontic Practice

Starting a dental practice from scratch is one of the most daunting endeavors anyone can attempt. Like most small businesses there is a very large upfront investment without any real hope of short term, sustainable revenue. Therefore, the task becomes not just daunting but moderately risky.

Association with Intent to Purchase

This method is a tenuous means to securing your future but it is the most common. Rarely does this method accomplish the goals of either the well-intentioned associate or owner. One study finds that only 4% of these arrangements come to fruition.

Long Term Association without Purchase

We view this arrangement as the least ideal for long term success. It limits earning potential, gives no long term guarantees, removes chance for any equity and makes the associate the lowest person in the pecking order.

Academic Positions

There are a good number of openings for faculty positions around the country. If you are so inclined, a short-term teaching position may be right for you. Entry level faculty positions pay so poorly we do not believe you will be able to service your student loans.

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